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Melinda's goal is to bring dance back to its origin, diving into community and enjoyment while taking away new knowledge in every space she enters. 

Melinda Matticoli Lume Dance Training Class

Melinda Matticoli Lume Dance Training Class

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Class Descriptions

Contemporary Fusion: Class begins with a flow-style warmup and stretch. Dancers will move through improvisational tasks before moving into a combination. Choreography will focus on textures, dynamics, musicality, and discovering new movement pathways.

Improv: Class will be led through different improvisational tasks to focus on different and new ways of moving the body (tasks and prompts will vary from class to class). Dancers will also take time to discuss after each of the prompts, and discovering how they differed from each other, and being mindful of how their experience was. Class will end with an improvisational jam, allowing dancers to continue exploring and learn through observing.

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